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United For Families Life Education Religious Freedom

Defending Life, Advancing Liberty, and Preserving Freedom for Wyoming Families

Our Focus | Primary Issues

These are the four primary areas in which the work of Wyoming Family Alliance is focused. 
We encourage you to explore our site to learn more about these issues, how they are impacting Wyoming lives,
what the Biblical view is, and how Wyoming Family Alliance is making a difference for you and your family. 


Every human, from conception to natural death, is created in the image of God and should be cherished.


Family, as God designed it, is the building block of society. From it flows life and the imparting of  faith and values.


Parents have a right and an obligation to direct their child’s education in the church and in society.

Religious Freedom

All people are endowed by their Creator with an inalienable right to believe, share, and live out their faith – publicly as well as privately.

Legislative Session 2024 Updates

Wyoming Family Alliance actively monitors and supports legislation that aligns with our mission to defend life, advance liberty, and preserve freedom for Wyoming families.

Click to see our stance on each bill below and find links to official resources. Keep checking back for updates and added commentary throughout the legislative session.

Articles & Videos

Keep current on issues and events impacting the lives of Wyoming families. 
Get updates on how Wyoming Family Alliance is working to defend life, advance liberty, and preserve freedom. 
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2024 Legislative Summary – 2nd Week Update

The Wyoming Legislature’s second week was momentous for many of the bills Wyoming Family Alliance is watching.

Several nights saw both the House and the Senate hard at work, sometimes past 11:00 pm, in preparation for Monday, when the legislature will arrive at an important milestone for the session called “Crossover.”

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A Win for Parental Rights!

There has much been debate across Wyoming and across the country over sexually inappropriate books in school libraries. Books have been found with graphic descriptions for sexual acts, and in some cases full-color illustrations.

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Valor in Washington?

Wyoming Family Alliance Alliance President Nathan Winters appeared on the Cheyenne Hills Church Podcast to talk about Wyoming’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Megan Degenfelder, and the valor to stand up for what is right in Washington.

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Wyoming Family Policy Summit

Join us! Wyoming Family Alliance Foundation is happy to partner with The Heritage Foundation for a weekend of transformative policy conversations on pivotal issues affecting the family in our state.  In this year’s Education Policy Summit, we will focus on

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