Solidarity With Israel Amid Protest in Cheyenne

Rabbi Zollman Mendolson welcomes Wyoming Family Alliance President Nathan Winters, who addressed a group that gathered on the Capitol steps to pray for the unconditional release of hostages held by Hamas.

Standing in Solidarity, Praying for Peace

Yesterday on the Capitol steps, a number of legislators, clergy, and people of faith from the Wyoming Christian and Jewish communities, joined together to affirm that Wyoming stands in solidarity with the Israelis who have been held captive for five months in the tunnels built by terrorists.

A Peaceful Response to Protest

Before the featured guest speaker, Ran Bar-Yoshafat, a soldier from the Israeli Defense Forces, gave a first-hand account of what is happening in the Gaza Strip, several people were invited to address the gathering, including Nathan Winters, President of Wyoming Family Alliance. This is what he shared:

“For 1800 years, the children of Israel wandered among the nations. Through the centuries, at the closing of their celebrations, they would part with the words of prayer and hope found in the phrase, ‘Next year in Jerusalem.’

Finally, after centuries, they were able to rejoice with the words, ‘This year, we are in Jerusalem.’ But today, 130 captives are held in holes, in tunnels far below ground, longing to return home. Maybe the ancient prayer of ‘Next year, or next week, in Jerusalem’ is still on their lips.

One thing is sure: as citizens of the United States of America, we must stand with those who desire to live free. We must stand against those who would commit crimes and cruelty against the innocent. We must stand against those who, through vice and graft, have built enclaves of oppression.

Today, here in Wyoming, we declare our support for Israel. We stand in solidarity with the hostages who yearn to be free. Thank you for the privilege to speak to you from my heart.”

A Peaceful Response to Protest

After describing his experience fighting in Gaza since the October 7th attack against Israel by Hamas, Ran Bar-Yoshafat, an Officer in Israel’s Combat Special Forces Army Reserves, opened up the floor to take questions from the audience.

First to bring questions (and accusations) were protesters who had been standing on the outskirts holding signs demanding that Israel “Free Palestine” and “End the genocide.” 

Though attempts were made to quiet the interruption, Bar-Yoshafat encouraged their questions and addressed them with calm directness based in the reality of his personal experience. To watch video of part of the exchange, click here

Quick Updates on the Remaining Bills

Wyoming Family Alliance actively monitors, supports, or opposes legislation based on how it aligns with our mission to defend life, advance liberty, and preserve freedom for Wyoming families. See our Bills Page for a complete list.


HB0092 Protection of Parental Rights

This bill passed all the way through the Senate yesterday! But, after the House voted not to concur, a Conference Committee was appointed to hammer out the differences.

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HB0166 Education Savings Accounts-1

This bill passed all the way through the Senate yesterday, avoiding a new version of Wednesday’s withdrawn amendment to impose the teaching of scientific theories such as evolution. The vote to defeat the amendment was a resounding “no” with 26 nays, only 4 ayes, and 1 excused.

But afterward, the House voted not to concur. A Conference committee has been appointed to sort out the differences. Please pray that this will remain a good bill and that it gets the opportunity to become law.

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SF0099 Chloe’s Law-Children Gender Change Prohibition

Yesterday, this bill passed all the way through the House of Representatives!

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