SF0099 | Chloe’s Law-Children Gender Change Prohibition

WFA STANCE: Supporting


STATUS: SIGNED by the Governor – 3/22/24

SUMMARY: Click here to read a high-level synopsis of the bill that has been signed into law.

View Text of the Bill: https://www.wyoleg.gov/Legislation/2024/sf0099

AN ACT relating to public health and safety; prohibiting physicians from performing procedures for children related to gender transitioning and gender reassignment; providing an exception; providing that gender transitioning and reassignment procedures are grounds for suspension or revocation of a physician’s or health care provider’s license; providing definitions; specifying applicability; requiring rulemaking; and providing for effective dates.


Wyoming Family Alliance supports legislation that eliminates surgeries in Wyoming that will cause children irreparable damage. This bill allows for the revocation or suspension of the license of a doctor who would perform these procedures.


3/6/24 – This bill passed all the way through the House of Representatives!

3/5/24 – This bill passed the second reading in the House and has only one more step to go with the third reading at 10:00 on Wednesday morning.

3/4/24 – This legislation passed 7-2 through the House Judiciary Committee yesterday morning and then went to the Senate Committee of the Whole, where it passed!

2/28/29 – This bill has passed all the way through the Senate and was received for introduction into the House.

2/27/24 – This legislation has made it through the third and final reading in the Senate on a vote of 26-5. This means that the bill has passed all the way through the Senate and will crossover to the House of Representatives.

2/26/24 – This legislation has made it through the second reading in the Senate. There is one more step in that chamber before it can crossover to the House of Representatives.

2/23/24 – This legislation has made it through the first reading in the Senate. There are two more steps in that chamber before it can crossover to the House of Representatives.

2/22/23 – This bill passed the Senate Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee 5-0 yesterday.

The bill’s namesake, Chloe Cole, arrived from California to provide personal testimony on the tragedy she continues to suffer from after having received transgender medical treatment as a young teen. Watch her powerful testimony in this video, both at the beginning and near the end.

After the committee meeting, Wyoming Family Alliance President Nathan Winters was invited to comment under the rotunda, along with the prime sponsors of the bill and Chloe Cole. He stated that Wyoming must do more to protect its children from irreversible mutilation and broken ideologies.

This bill will be heard by the entire Senate this morning.

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