SF0061 | Education-Charter School Amendments

WFA STANCE: Supporting


STATUS: Vetoed by the Governor

Click here to read the Governor’s letter explaining why he vetoed this bill.

View Text of the Bill: https://wyoleg.gov/Legislation/2024/SF0061

AN ACT relating to charter schools; authorizing charter schools as local education agencies to receive and apply for federal and state grants; modifying payment by school districts to charter schools as specified; repealing designation of charter school authorizers as the local education agency for charter schools; and providing for an effective date.


Wyoming Family Alliance supports this bill because it helps charter schools get started and cleans up the management process for them.


3/4/24 This legislation is on its way to be signed by the governor! 

2/29/24 – This bill, which helps clarify the funding for charter schools, was passed through the House Education Committee 9-0. Next, it will go to the entire House to be heard.

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