HB 152 Life As A Human Right Act is a strong pro-life bill we stand in support of in the Wyoming Legislature.

Although HB 152 has passed out of committee in the Senate and is on its final stretch, we are hearing there may be strong opposition on the Senate floor to this important piece of pro-life legislation.

Which is why we ask you to pray:

  1. For the Lord’s wisdom and strength to guide the legislators defending this bill during the Senate floor debates.

  2. For the Lord to open eyes, hearts and minds to see Him and His perfect wisdom on the issue of saving human life and the value and dignity of every unborn life.

  3. For grace and kindness during all debates on HB 152.

  4. And finally, please pray for WFA President, Nathan Winters, as he continues to work incredibly long hours speaking to and shepherding matters surrounding this bill and many others. Pray for the Lord to strengthen him, to give him the right words as he speaks one-on-one with legislative decision makers, and for wisdom as other lawmakers come to him for advice on HB 152.

Thank you for your prayers.

Nathan’s testimony this morning on HB 152 Life as a Human Right Act