Honoring Wyoming's Fallen Heroes of

World War II

The Second World War, which raged from 1939 to 1945, was a global conflict of unprecedented scale and devastation. The United States’ entry into the war, following the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, marked a turning point in the conflict. American soldiers, sailors, and airmen were thrust into a war that spanned multiple continents, fighting bravely in two major theaters: Europe and the Pacific. In Europe, they faced the daunting might of Nazi Germany, participating in critical battles such as D-Day, the liberation of Paris, and the final push into Germany. In the Pacific, they engaged in a grueling island-hopping campaign against Imperial Japan, enduring harsh conditions and fierce resistance. The commitment and heroism of these individuals were instrumental in turning the tide of the war. Their sacrifices, made in the face of extraordinary danger and adversity, were pivotal in the Allied victory, shaping the course of history.

Wyoming, though small in population, played a significant and proud role in World War II. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Wyoming’s men and women answered the nation’s call to arms with a deep sense of patriotism and duty. They served with distinction in both the European and Pacific theaters, demonstrating bravery and resilience. On the home front, Wyoming’s contribution was equally significant. The state’s industries ramped up production to support the war effort, while its citizens engaged in war bond drives and rationing. Wyoming’s women also stepped into roles traditionally held by men, keeping the home front running and providing crucial support for the war effort. This collective endeavor showcased Wyoming’s unwavering commitment to the cause and its integral part in achieving victory in World War II.

653 Wyomingites of the Army and Army Air Force perished, 68 of the Marines and Marine Reserve, and 117 of the Navy and Navy Reserve. Two Marines perished in Prisoner of War camps. For hometowns, the Army kept records on the county of residence, while the Marines and Navy kept records of the town of residence of next of kin.

If you have information on Wyoming’s contribution to this war that you would like to share, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

BranchLast NameFirst NameRankHow PerishedHometown
ArmyAdamsEarl LPrivateKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyAdamsVictor WPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyAdamsRobert LStaff SergeantKilled In ActionWeston Co
ArmyAdamsonKennethPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyAdkinsLewis HPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionWeston Co
ArmyAdlerAlbert JStaff SergeantDied of WoundsBig Horn Co
ArmyAmbersonJack ESecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredLaramie Co
ArmyAmdhalPaul GPrivateDied Outside BattlePark Co
ArmyAmundsonGordon DFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyAndersonWilliam RPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyAndersonMarlyn BPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionGoshen Co
USNAndersonNoble GordonWatertender 1cLaramie
ArmyAntelopeGeorge WPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleFremont Co
ArmyAppelhansJoseph ESergeantKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyApplebyGerald JPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyArchibaldWalter LTechnician Fifth GradeDied Outside BattleGoshen Co
ArmyArentsonRichard CPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLincoln Co
ArmyArmstrongWilliam RStaff SergeantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyArnoldReuben EAviation CadetDied Outside BattleWyoming at Large
ArmyArthurChesterTechnician Fourth GradeKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyAsayEugene FPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyAsherJay CCorporalKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyAstleDonovan ASecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredSweetwater Co
ArmyAurechioOrazioStaff SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyAverillLewis STechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyAylsworthLouis RPrivateDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
ArmyBaconPhilip HPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyBaileyRussell LSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyBallHerbert HFirst LieutenantDied Outside BattleAlbany Co
USMCRBallRay TPrivate First ClassRock Springs
USNBandemarHarold WilliamSeaman 1cLingle
ArmyBantaJames PPrivateKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyBarfussFloyd First LieutenantKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyBarnesMalcom JPrivateKilled In ActionWeston Co
ArmyBarneyDon RPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
USMCRBarnhardDerrell PPrivateGreen River
ArmyBartonMorgan JSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
ArmyBarylakRobert MPrivate First ClassDied of WoundsSheridan Co
ArmyBassettClyde DPrivateDied Outside BattleBig Horn Co
USMCBauerVictor CCorporalGarland
ArmyBeachKenneth RStaff SergeantKilled In ActionConverse Co
ArmyBehringDonald RPrivateKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyBehuninRobert DPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyBellDavid ASergeantKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyBellewRobert BStaff SergeantKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyBelusThomas GStaff SergeantKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyBenedictCharley EPrivateKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyBennaEugene MPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyBennetCharles MPrivateDied Outside BattleAlbany Co
USNBensonRobert GerardSignalman 3cRawlins
ArmyBentBertram LPrivateKilled In ActionHot Springs Co
ArmyBentleyWilliam CSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
USMCRBentleyWalter FFirst LieutenantCasper
ArmyBergstromErnest TPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyBestGlen WFirst LieutenantDied of WoundsPark Co
ArmyBeverRobert EStaff SergeantKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyBeydaJohnPrivateDied Outside BattleLincoln Co
ArmyBirchWilliam JPrivateKilled In ActionHot Springs Co
ArmyBirdJosephTechnician Fifth GradeDied Outside BattleWeston Co
ArmyBirdsallRobert BTechnical SergeantKilled In ActionCampbell Co
ArmyBirleffiArthur LFirst LieutenantDied Outside BattlePlatte Co
ArmyBishopLouis APrivate First ClassKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyBisterfeldtHenryPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyBistrupWalker PStaff SergeantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyBlackAlexanderTechnician Fifth GradeDied of WoundsLincoln Co
ArmyBlackFrank WPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleLincoln Co
ArmyBlackburnFrankPrivateDied Outside BattlePark Co
USNBlackmoreMerlin DaleFireman 2cLusk
USNRBlindHoward JamesLieutenantCasper
ArmyBloxomWayne EPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
ArmyBondEdward RPrivateKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyBooksCharles TStaff SergeantKilled In ActionLincoln Co
ArmyBoothMarion BTechnician Fourth GradeDied Outside BattleConverse Co
USNRBorinoBrunoSeaman 2cDiamondville
USNRBorosSteven JohnLieutenantCasper
ArmyBostonRonald OFirst SergeantKilled In ActionWyoming at Large
ArmyBowlesJesse SPrivateKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyBowmanJoseph N JrPrivateKilled In ActionPlatte Co
USMCBowserRaymond LPrivate First ClassBairoil
ArmyBoyceKenneth TCorporalDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyBoyleParker HPrivateKilled In ActionWashakie Co
ArmyBramwellRobert JPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
ArmyBranchEddie PPrivateKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyBranchForrest DStaff SergeantDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
ArmyBranneyJohn WSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
USNRBreazealeDoyle WendellAviation Machinist's Mate 2cLaramie
ArmyBrewerHarold DFirst SergeantKilled In ActionPlatte Co
ArmyBrowderJesse EStaff SergeantDied of WoundsCrook Co
ArmyBrownJohnnie LPrivate First ClassDied of WoundsFremont Co
ArmyBrownElmer ESergeantBody UnrecoveredSweetwater Co
USMCRBrownHugh E Jr. CorporalCody
ArmyBrowneJack DStaff SergeantBody UnrecoveredSheridan Co
ArmyBrowningCleo NPrivate First ClassBody UnrecoveredJohnson Co
ArmyBrundageWilliam AFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredPark Co
ArmyBryantGeorge APrivateDied of WoundsNiobrara Co
ArmyBuchananBill CPrivateKilled In ActionHot Springs Co
ArmyBuchananJames SFirst LieutenantDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
USMCBucknerAlbert DAssistant CookLander
ArmyBulkleyWiniford WPrivateBody UnrecoveredSheridan Co
ArmyBunhamRichard LCorporalDied of WoundsCrook Co
ArmyBunneyRaymond OPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionCrook Co
ArmyBurkDarrell MSecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredGoshen Co
ArmyBurtGordon EFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionFremont Co
USMCRBushSidney CharleyPrivate First ClassLander
ArmyButcherRobert LPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleAlbany Co
ArmyButcherDarro ATechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionCampbell Co
ArmyBytrusPaul WSergeantDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
ArmyCacayanAugust RPrivate First ClassDied of WoundsLaramie Co
USMCCalnanDonald AugustinSergeantRawlins
USMCRCalvertEdward SPrivate First ClassLander
ArmyCannonJames OPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionConverse Co
ArmyCanoBenny CPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionHot Springs Co
ArmyCareyCharles F Jr. Technical SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyCarlsonOren EPrivateDied Outside BattleLincoln Co
USMCCarlsonJohn APrivateCasper
ArmyCarnickEverett WTechnician Fifth GradeDied Outside BattleAlbany Co
ArmyCarolloWilliam JSergeantDied of WoundsLincoln Co
ArmyCarpenterDale AStaff SergeantKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyCarragherMattPrivateKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyCarrollJohn C Jr. First LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyCarrollRalph BFirst LieutenantDied of WoundsSweetwater Co
ArmyCarsonVirgil BPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionJohnson Co
ArmyCarterLeroy BPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyCarterMartin HPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleGoshen Co
ArmyCasazzaRalph LStaff SergeantDied of WoundsLincoln Co
ArmyCaseyBilly APrivateKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyCashRussell CCaptainKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyCasselmanGlenn LStaff SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyCastandedaMonico GPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyCastroEleno GPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionGoshen Co
USNChaseGuy LaverneSeaman 2cCasper
ArmyChavezFredPrivateDied Outside BattleConverse Co
ArmyChenowethRolland EPrivateKilled In ActionWashakie Co
USNChisteReno AnthonyAviation Ordnanceman 2cCasper
USNChomanJohnChief Torpedoman's MateSheridan
ArmyChorzelskiMichelFlight OfficerBody UnrecoveredAlbany Co
USMCRChristensenHerald CPrivate First ClassWheatland
USNChristensenElmer EmilMachinist's Mate 2cBuffalo
ArmyCichonskiAndrewPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSheridan Co
USNRClarkTerence HowardMetalsmith 2cCheyenne
USNRClaypoolArchie PorterSeaman 1cKaycee
ArmyClesLeslie PCaptainDied Outside BattlePark Co
ArmyClineFrancis WPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyCloerGeorge RFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredFremont Co
USNRColeWalter FFireman 1cGreybull
ArmyCollingwoodCharlesPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
USNCollinsGlen DennisSeaman 1cHuntly
ArmyCollopyJoseph PSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyCominJames RPrivateDied of WoundsLaramie Co
ArmyConnerDarrell OSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyConnollyFrank NSergeantKilled In ActionPlatte Co
USNConnollyRobert LeeAviation Machinist's Mate 3cCheyenne
ArmyCookDouglas WSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleConverse Co
ArmyCookJames VFlight OfficerDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
ArmyCookMax WSecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredWyoming at Large
USMCCookRobert LloydCorporalSheridan
USNRCookeRobert EugenYeoman 3cMidwest
ArmyCoppageEverett OSergeantDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyCoppsCalvin WStaff SergeantKilled In ActionJohnson Co
USMCCorsbergHoward CharlesPrivate First ClassLaramie
ArmyCostiloeJoe CTechnical SergeantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyCotterJoe LCorporalDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyCovingtonLouis JStaff SergeantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyCoyPatrick MPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionWeston Co
ArmyCrippenThomas R JrPrivateKilled In ActionGoshen Co
USNRCristandoJohn ThomasSeaman 2cWinton
ArmyCrofuttKeith BPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionNiobrara Co
ArmyCroxtonLeon VSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionWeston Co
ArmyCurryJohn PSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
USNCusackRalph RogerRadioman 2cGreybull
ArmyDahlmanRaymondPrivateKilled In ActionUinta Co
ArmyDarlingBoyd WSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
USNRDaughertyLester RoyFireman 1cTen Sleep
USNDavisHoward EarlYeoman 2cGillette
USNDavisJames BradleyFireman 1cWheatland
ArmyDawesClaud E JrPrivateDied Outside BattleConverse Co
ArmyDe FreeseNorman EFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyDe GrawCharles RPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLincoln Co
ArmyDe GrootDonald MPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleNiobrara Co
ArmyDe LoneyBurtonSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyDechertGeorge RSecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredFremont Co
ArmyDeenCecil LSergeantKilled In ActionJohnson Co
ArmyDemaraMarchoFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyDempleGeorge FPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyDenettiBruno HPrivateDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
ArmyDennickFranklin RAviation CadetDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyDewittBennie APrivateKilled In ActionWyoming at Large
USNDickenMarion UptonSeaman 2cTorrington
ArmyDicksThompson GPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USNDillonJoseph ErrolSeaman 1cBig Horn
ArmyDinneenMaurice ASecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyDisterdickFred L JrCaptainDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyDolaJames A Second LieutenantDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyDowlerCharles RSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionFremont Co
USMCRDowneyJohn CharlesPrivate First ClassWorland
ArmyDraneyDyle FPrivateDied of WoundsLincoln Co
USMCDrewRobert LPrivate First ClassCheyenne
USNRDuggerHarold WayneSeaman 2cPowell
USMCDupesFrank LCorporalCody
ArmyDurhamThomas GPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionCrook Co
USMCDuttonWilliam CSergeantCody
USNRDyeKenneth CharlesSeaman 2cCasper
ArmyEcklundCarl HPrivateDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
ArmyEichlerJohnPrivateDied Outside BattlePlatte Co
USMCEimerElwinPlatoon SergeantLander
USNREiseleGeorge RaymondSeaman 2cSheridan
USMCREisenhauerDonald WaynePrivate First ClassPine Bluffs
ArmyElliotHenry JPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionWashakie Co
ArmyEngleEmmett BTechnical SergeantKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyEodridgeGeorge WPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleJohnson Co
ArmyEppersonRobert BSecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredLaramie Co
ArmyEricksonKennethStaff SergeantDied of WoundsSheridan Co
ArmyErramouspePierre APrivateKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyEvansRobert GSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyEvezishWilliam MSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLincoln Co
ArmyEwenClinton WFlight OfficerKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyFairlessBillie MSecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredFremont Co
ArmyFarmerRobert WSergeantKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyFedererMarion GStaff SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyFeyhlCarl LPrivate First ClassDied of WoundsPark Co
ArmyFieldDonald DStaff SergeantBody UnrecoveredUinta Co
ArmyFieldErnest RPrivateBody UnrecoveredUinta Co
ArmyFillinVictor J JrFirst LieutenantDied of WoundsUinta Co
ArmyFillmanRobert JSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
USNFisherDelbert RaySeaman 1cLaramie
USNFlesherStanley RusselSeaman 1cStory
ArmyFoncreeElbert HFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyFooseHarry WSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USNRForresterWilliam RalphAviation Ordnanceman 2cRiverton
ArmyFosterFred MSergeantDied of WoundsJohnson Co
ArmyFoxThomas VTechnician Fifth GradeDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
USNRFoxRalph DeeAviation Radioman 3cLa Barge
USMCFrandsenMiles PerryPrivateCarter
ArmyFrankLoren MSergeantKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyFrankJames TSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
ArmyFrankRobert ASergeantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
USMCRFranklinBilly DPrivateGarland
USNRFrazierPaul Jr.Seaman 1cSaratoga
ArmyFreemanLeonard C JrSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattlePark Co
ArmyFrenchRobert HPrivateKilled In ActionWashakie Co
ArmyFryRaymond LPrivateDied Outside BattleAlbany Co
USNFryIrvin FrancisSeaman 1cTorrington
ArmyFujiokaTeruoPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyFultonCharles Flight OfficerDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyFuquaAllen AStaff SergeantKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyGageGeorge GPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionCampbell Co
ArmyGallamoreClarence EStaff SergeantKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyGallusLester ACorporalKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyGarciaRalph JPrivateDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyGarciaSalvador MPrivateDied of WoundsLaramie Co
ArmyGardnerRobertPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyGarkieRonald LSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleWashakie Co
USNRGarriottDallas DebbsGunner's Mate 3cRiverton
USNRGayCharles WilliamElectrician's Mate 3cWorland
ArmyGiachinoMartinPrivateKilled In ActionCrook Co
USMCGibbonsWilliam RalphCorporalCheyenne
ArmyGilbertFrank RPrivateDied Outside BattleCampbell Co
ArmyGilbertJohn RPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionPlatte Co
ArmyGilkisonEverett WPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionWeston Co
ArmyGladmanEarlStaff SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USNRGladsonJohn PrestonBoatswain's Mate 2cLusk
ArmyGloverGrout G JrSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleGoshen Co
ArmyGogglesClaudePrivateKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyGomezJoe HPrivateDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyGomezPedroPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSublette Co
ArmyGoodmanJames GPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleCampbell Co
ArmyGoodrichPhilo AFlight OfficerDied Outside BattlePlatte Co
ArmyGoodwinBenjamin DPrivateKilled In ActionWeston Co
ArmyGormanAndrewTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyGrafMerlen DSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
ArmyGrassLeo LPrivateKilled In ActionCrook Co
ArmyGreenMiles LFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyGreeneJohn JrPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionUinta Co
ArmyGregoryLorin GPrivateDied of WoundsWeston Co
ArmyGriebelRobert EStaff SergeantKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyGrierWilliam RPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyGroutageMelvin ECorporalKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyGrovesRobert LPrivateKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyGuzmanChonPrivateDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
USNRGwynnCallis ChildSeaman 2cLovell
ArmyHabelJohn JrPrivateKilled In ActionPlatte Co
ArmyHagenHarvey OSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleTeton Co
ArmyHagermanEarl CPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattlePlatte Co
ArmyHakemanLloyd NFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredAlbany Co
ArmyHallHarry RCorporalDied Outside BattleCrook Co
ArmyHalversonOtis FCaptainKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USNRHamblinLen SpencerEnsignLaramie
ArmyHaneyEarl BPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyHanksBilly DFirst LieutenantDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
USNHansonGeorgeMachinist's Mate 1cLaramie
USMCRHardeeRobert EugenCorporalCasper
USNHarmanFrank SeibertSeaman 2cCheyenne
ArmyHarperLeslie FSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyHarrimanLloyd DPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleGoshen Co
ArmyHarringtonDavid WPrivateKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyHarrisLeonard JPrivate First ClassDied of WoundsCampbell Co
ArmyHarrisBates JPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USNHarrisonMorse GrantAviation Radioman 3cWamsutter
ArmyHarshfieldLawrencePrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleGoshen Co
ArmyHartFloyd EStaff SergeantKilled In ActionHot Springs Co
ArmyHartAlbert MFirst LieutenantDied Outside BattleJohnson Co
ArmyHartmanElmerCaptainKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyHartmanOtto LPrivateDied Outside BattleWashakie Co
ArmyHartzellGlenn MPrivateKilled In ActionUinta Co
ArmyHarveyRichard DSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyHasketWoodrow WPrivateKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyHassellGerald MSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLincoln Co
ArmyHasteWilliam KPrivateKilled In ActionNatrona Co
USMCRHaueterReuben JamesPrivateSinclair
ArmyHaufEmanuelFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredSheridan Co
ArmyHavilandArchie F JrFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredSublette Co
ArmyHavilandWarren GFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionSublette Co
ArmyHawkinsFred CStaff SergeantKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyHayamiStanley KPrivateKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyHayenRobert ESecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleFremont Co
ArmyHaywardCharles HTechnician Fifth GradeDied Outside BattleUinta Co
ArmyHazlettStanley VSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleAlbany Co
ArmyHealyStuaot SCaptainDied Outside BattleWashakie Co
ArmyHedgesRobert ESecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyHedrickBert FPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyHegartyJohn PPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionCampbell Co
USNRHelmsPhilip CarletonLieutenantCheyenne
ArmyHendersonRoy EPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSublette Co
ArmyHendricksOwen GTechnical SergeantDied Outside BattleCampbell Co
ArmyHenningsenPeter VFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredCampbell Co
ArmyHennonJames RFirst LieutenantDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyHenryWilford LCorporalKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyHergenraederDaveStaff SergeantDied Outside BattleBig Horn Co
ArmyHerringJohn LFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyHerronClaude WPrivateDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
USNRHessenthalerPaul FredSeaman 1cLovell
ArmyHigginsonJames WSergeantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyHillVernie JrPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USMCRHillJack EPrivate First ClassCasper
USNRHillBilly GlenSeaman 1cRock Springs
ArmyHiltonJames TFirst LieutenantDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
USMCRHinesRichard JPrivate First ClassCheyenne
USNRHinshawKnoble GayleSeaman 1cEvanston
USNRHirschLeonard HydeFire Controllman 3cHawk Springs
ArmyHobsonJohn WStaff SergeantKilled In ActionPlatte Co
USMCHoelGene DPrivate First ClassGillette
ArmyHoganRobert BPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyHollymanPercival HPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyHolmesRussell JPrivateKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USNRHomecFrank EdwardSeaman 2cHudson
USMCHooperWallace EPrivate First ClassCasper
ArmyHortonJay MCorporalDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyHostettlerArthur SCaptainKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyHotLester LPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionNiobrara Co
ArmyHouselyGilbert GSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyHovorkaLeonard JSergeantDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
ArmyHowardEarl TStaff SergeantBody UnrecoveredCarbon Co
ArmyHowardJohn M CaptainBody UnrecoveredPlatte Co
ArmyHowarterElverdo LPrivateDied of WoundsLaramie Co
USMCHoytWilliam D Jr.SergeantHudson
ArmyHunterMarcelle WPrivateKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
USNHunterJohn StevensonTorpedoman's Mate 1cKemmerer
ArmyHuntleyAlanTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionTeton Co
USNRHushmanGeorge WaveMachinist's Mate 2cLaramie
ArmyHuskeyDon RPrivateKilled In ActionHot Springs Co
ArmyHutsellFrank CPrivateKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyHyJohn WPrivateKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyIlsleyDwight FFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionWeston Co
ArmyIrvineLee TPrivateKilled In ActionNatrona Co
USNRIsenhartHarold EmmettSeaman 1cKemmerer
ArmyJacobsEdward JSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
ArmyJacobsenArnold TPrivateKilled In ActionUinta Co
ArmyJacobyManuel PTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USNRJappEdwin HenrySeaman 2cUpton
USNRJaramilloWilliamSeaman 2cRawlins
ArmyJaureEmolPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyJelouchanJohnPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyJenkinsHorace M JrSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
USMCRJenkinsLavor HPrivateFreedom
ArmyJensenNorman MPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyJensonHoward BFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyJesserRobert EPrivateDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
ArmyJewellKennethPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyJohnsonJames SFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredWashakie Co
USMCRJohnsonWillard ClarenceTechnical SergeantByron
USNRJohnsonEdwin RaymondFire Controllman 1cTorrington
ArmyJonesQue DSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyJonesBuddy APrivateKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyJonesWilliam PSecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredSublette Co
USNJonesCharles WilliamMetalsmith 2cCasper
USNJonesIrvin EugeneSeaman 2cByron
ArmyJurichNickTechnical SergeantKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyKahlerEarl LCorporalBody UnrecoveredPlatte Co
ArmyKantCharles WSecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredConverse Co
ArmyKarellCarl JrCorporalKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyKawanoCike CPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyKeithWoodrow MPrivateKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyKellyHarvey WPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyKendrickSamuel SPrivateKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyKeplerVincent AFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionTeton Co
ArmyKilburnJames RFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyKillianVernon HPrivateDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
ArmyKimbroEugene SSergeantDied Outside BattleBig Horn Co
ArmyKingArnold TFirst LieutenantDied Outside BattleAlbany Co
ArmyKingBruce RPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyKingJohn V MajorKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyKingGarrett CFirst LieutenantDied Outside BattleWashakie Co
USNRKinnisonWillis LeroySeaman 2cCheyenne
ArmyKitchelFrancis LSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
ArmyKizzireWilliam LCaptainBody UnrecoveredBig Horn Co
ArmyKnightThomas APrivateKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyKochConradFirst LieutenantDied Outside BattleAlbany Co
ArmyKocherhansJohn JPrivateDied Outside BattleBig Horn Co
ArmyKoprivaBruce PPrivateKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyKozelWalter LSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyKraftRoberthPrivateKilled In ActionNiobrara Co
ArmyKragovichThomasPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyKuykendallGeorge CPrivateKilled In ActionConverse Co
ArmyLa FolletteBenjaminPrivateDied Outside BattlePark Co
ArmyLa RoseErnest EPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionWashakie Co
ArmyLakEldon ASecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyLampmanJohn D Jr.First LieutenantKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyLaneCharles RPrivateKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyLaneLeland LTechnical SergeantDied Outside BattlePlatte Co
USNLaneEdward WallaceCoxswainCheyenne
ArmyLarezTony MPrivateKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyLarsenDonald LPrivateKilled In ActionAlbany Co
USNLarsonJoseph ErnestFireman 1cDouglas
USNRLarsonEverett WilliamMotor Machinist's Mate 1cRawlins
ArmyLedfordWilliam AStaff SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyLeeEdward FPrivateKilled In ActionNiobrara Co
ArmyLeftwichSamuel ATechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionCrook Co
ArmyLegerskiFrankPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyLesterMerle EPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionUinta Co
ArmyLevkurlichJohnSergeantKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyLewisJames LCaptainBody UnrecoveredLaramie Co
ArmyLikesMelvin FStaff SergeantDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
ArmyLindseyJames RSergeantKilled In ActionWashakie Co
USMCLindseyKenneth ClydePrivate First ClassGillette
USNLintonGeorge EdwardFireman 2cWheatland
ArmyLiskaJohn JrTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyLittle CrowJoe APrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleFremont Co
ArmyLivingstonRaymond PPrivateKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyLochryGeorge DPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionFremont Co
USNRLofingRaymond DaleSeaman 2cAcme
ArmyLoganJohn ETechnician Fifth GradeDied Outside BattleAlbany Co
ArmyLongJohnnie FPrivateKilled In ActionPlatte Co
ArmyLopezFrank TStaff SergeantKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyLordTruman RSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionSheridan Co
USNLoudonLeroy EdgarQuartermaster 3cRawlins
ArmyLovatoErnest OPrivateKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyLovatoJose DPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyLowmanHarry GCaptainKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyLucasBernard RTechnical SergeantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyLucasWilliam CSecond LieutenantDied of WoundsCarbon Co
USNLuersRalph DonaldSeaman 1cRiverton
ArmyLuomaArvo APrivate First ClassKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyLutherVernon LPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyLyndeHoward WStaff SergeantKilled In ActionCampbell Co
ArmyMacleanJohn F BPrivateKilled In ActionWashakie Co
ArmyMaddingTheodore WStaff SergeantKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyMadsenArnoldPrivateKilled In ActionJohnson Co
ArmyMaeseFloyd APrivateKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyMahoneyJames PStaff SergeantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyMalinowskiJosephPrivateKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyMangusLegrande TPrivateDied of WoundsBig Horn Co
USMCRManiasTheodore JCorporalCasper
USNRMannJames WilsonSeaman 2cCheyenne
USNMarceauWilfrid LouisSeaman 1cWinton
ArmyMarlattFay FPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USNRMarshGeorge WashingtonAviation Radioman 2cSheridan
ArmyMarshallJesse JPrivateDied Outside BattleUinta Co
ArmyMartinRobert EPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyMartinezDaniel MTechnician Fifth GradeDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyMartinezPete DPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyMartinezSamPrivateKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyMartinezRussell AStaff SergeantKilled In ActionUinta Co
ArmyMartinezWilliam BSergeantKilled In ActionUinta Co
ArmyMarxWalter AStaff SergeantKilled In ActionLincoln Co
ArmyMasonWalter L JrSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyMasonJohn M Second LieutenantKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyMasonAlbert LAviation CadetDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
ArmyMasonLeroy DStaff SergeantKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyMasseyJoseph DStaff SergeantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyMateriGeorge KCorporalDied of WoundsWeston Co
ArmyMathewsCharles MPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattlePlatte Co
ArmyMatsonSigurd MMajorKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyMaulHenryPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyMayerGlen IPrivateKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyMcBrideSam AFirst LieutenantDied of WoundsJohnson Co
ArmyMcCarthyEdward HPrivateKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyMcClanahanF CTechnical SergeantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyMcClellanJames WCorporalKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyMcClellanWilliam BCaptainKilled In ActionWashakie Co
ArmyMcCormickWilliam LPrivateDied Outside BattleLincoln Co
ArmyMcCowanGale BFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyMcCoyLyle SPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyMcDonaldHoward OPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyMcDonaldJames SCaptainKilled In ActionPark Co
USNRMcdonaldJames JaySeaman 1cEvanston
ArmyMcDougallDonald JPrivateKilled In ActionCarbon Co
USNMcfarlandJohn Arthur JrSeaman 1cCheyenne
ArmyMcGargalJohn CPrivateDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
USMCRMcgauranRaphael RSergeantLaramie
ArmyMcGregorVictor HSergeantDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
USMCMckibbenWilliam D.CorporalLance Creek
ArmyMcMillanGeorge WTechnician Fourth GradeKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyMcPhieAndrew FSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionWashakie Co
USMCMcvayWilliam ArthurPrivate First ClassThermopolis
ArmyMeathEdward GFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionHot Springs Co
ArmyMegeathHarold CPrivateKilled In ActionUinta Co
ArmyMercerMark WSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleTeton Co
ArmyMeyersBurt FCaptainDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyMillerFrank EStaff SergeantBody UnrecoveredLaramie Co
ArmyMillerLeonard SPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyMillerQuentin DPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
ArmyMillerHarold WPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
ArmyMillerJames FPrivateDied Outside BattleWashakie Co
ArmyMillerAlbert E FFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionWyoming at Large
USNMillerFred JamesSeaman 2cRock Springs
ArmyMinerForest LPrivateBody UnrecoveredNatrona Co
ArmyMolineLawrence A Private First ClassKilled In ActionNatrona Co
USNRMonjarasEdwardPharmacist's Mate 3cCheyenne
ArmyMooneyJohn CSergeantDied Outside BattleBig Horn Co
USMCRMooreRay APrivate 1cPowell
USNRMoreDelbert MartinShipfitter 1cCasper
USMCMorellWilliam R.PrivateCheyenne
ArmyMorrisGerald ESecond LieutenantKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyMorrowWilliam CMajorKilled In ActionAlbany Co
USNRMorrowHugh EdwinAviation Ordinanceman 2cSheridan
ArmyMoseyGeorge H JrCorporalDied Outside BattleUinta Co
ArmyMossShirley LStaff SergeantBody UnrecoveredGoshen Co
USNRMulkeyHarry FerdinandEnsignCheyenne
ArmyMullockClarence JPrivateDied of WoundsGoshen Co
ArmyMulvaneyVincent JSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
USNRMundschenkRobert LesterWatertender 2cKeeline
USNMunozJohnSeaman 1cCheyenne
ArmyMurphyLloyd GCaptainKilled In ActionCampbell Co
USMCMurphyJohn Jr.Private First ClassWorland
USMCMurrellWilliam PPrivate First ClassCasper
USNMusgraveFrancis Dewey Jr.Seaman 1cParco
ArmyNagataJimPrivateKilled In ActionPark Co
USMCNebelAlma RexCorporalLovell
ArmyNeilOlin DPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyNewcombArthur OCaptainKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyNewmanIvan LCorporalDied Outside BattleAlbany Co
ArmyNiederjohnMarvin GSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyNiethammerGeorge FFirst LieutenantMissingNatrona Co
ArmyNilandWilliam JSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyNilesWinfield FPrivate First ClassDied of WoundsSweetwater Co
USMCRNormanHerbert LPrivateCasper
USMCRNorvalRichard MorganPrivate First ClassBuffalo
ArmyNovickiAlbert JPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyO'ConnellJack JSergeantKilled In ActionWyoming at Large
ArmyO'DonnellThomas BCaptainKilled In ActionNatrona Co
USNOelkeClayton La VelleMachinist's Mate 2cSheridan
USMCROffenbacherR. L.2d LieutenantCasper
ArmyOffuttThomas SPrivateKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyOlsonRichard FSergeantKilled In ActionConverse Co
ArmyOlsonMarvin CTechnical SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyOroscoJose VPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyOrrJames SSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USNOsbornArthur RaymondRadioman 2cPine Bluffs
ArmyOsborneFrancis WPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyOsborneErnest EPrivate First ClassDied of WoundsSheridan Co
ArmyOwenCharles VSergeantKilled In ActionConverse Co
ArmyPackardMark FPrivateKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyPackerPaul WFlight OfficerBody UnrecoveredLaramie Co
ArmyPalmerLeonard CSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyParishKenneth RPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyParkerLeroy FPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleFremont Co
ArmyPasqualiJamesPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyPattersonWayne EStaff SergeantKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyPattersonMilton AFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredPlatte Co
USNPattersonFrederick CarlSeaman 1cCheyenne
ArmyPeadBallard HPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLincoln Co
ArmyPeaseBill DPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyPeasleyPaul RTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyPeckGeorge DStaff SergeantDied Outside BattleJohnson Co
ArmyPeckHerbert JPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionWeston Co
ArmyPelserErnest EvertTechnician Fourth GradeKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyPelsterRoy ASecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleWyoming at Large
ArmyPenleyGerald HFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyPennockDonald EPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyPeppingerMichael SStaff SergeantKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyPerkinsFloyd TTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionLincoln Co
USNPhillipsHarold GordonSeaman 1cSheridan
USMCPiaseckiAlexander LCorporalAcme
ArmyPietschCarter APrivate First ClassDied of InjuriesGoshen Co
ArmyPingitzerJoePrivate First ClassKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyPlaneJames RFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredLaramie Co
USNRPoehlerLloyd EdwinBoilermaker 1cSheridan
USNRPollatLavern AlvinSeaman 1cClareton
ArmyPorterLeroy JTechnical SergeantKilled In ActionLincoln Co
ArmyPoundsDale ACorporalDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
ArmyPowersGarland RPrivateDied Outside BattleUinta Co
USMCPowersTheodoreField Music 1cLaramie
ArmyPraterKenneth DPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyPrattWoodrow WCaptainDied of WoundsLincoln Co
ArmyPriceCharles WPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
ArmyPriceJohn BTechnical SergeantKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyPringleHyrum PCorporalBody UnrecoveredLincoln Co
USNRPullinRobert CarlisleEnsignSheridan
USNRPutnamForest MarshFireman 1cTeckla
ArmyRadkeMervin EPrivateKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyRannellsJohn LTechnical SergeantDied Outside BattleBig Horn Co
ArmyRatcliffeWilliam ESecond LieutenantDied of WoundsTeton Co
ArmyRauziJohn ASecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
USNRRealingLyle OlanFire Controllman 2cSheridan
ArmyRedingerEdgar WPrivateKilled In ActionCrook Co
ArmyRedmanPaul RCorporalKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyRedmanShermanPrivateDied Outside BattleFremont Co
ArmyRegelinRaymond FPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyRettstattCarroll BCorporalDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyRettstattLucien HCorporalDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyReydaleSamuel EPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleWyoming at Large
USMCRichDaryl W.Private First ClassRiverton
ArmyRichardsJames GFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredTeton Co
ArmyRichardsonFloyd JPrivateBody UnrecoveredNiobrara Co
ArmyRicharsonW JrMater SergeantKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyRiesGrover KFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USMCRileyLewis OGunnery SergeantCasper
ArmyRizziDario LSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
USNRRobbinsErnest WayneElectrician's Mate 3cTorrington
USMCRobertsLamoine F.CorporalSinclair
ArmyRobertsonWilliam GFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyRobertsonWilliam JFlight OfficerDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
USNRobertsonRobert NehlsMachinist's Mate 3cThermopolis
ArmyRodmanThomas WSergeantDied Outside BattleCampbell Co
ArmyRodriguezRobertPrivateDied Outside BattlePark Co
ArmyRodzinakMichael PPrivateDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
ArmyRoeGeorge WSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionCampbell Co
USMCRRollRalph GPrivate First ClassFort Laramie
ArmyRoneyKendrick FPrivate First ClassBody UnrecoveredNatrona Co
ArmyRosettiLouieTechnical SergeantBody UnrecoveredWashakie Co
ArmyRossLeonard VPrivateKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyRossonAnthony FCorporalDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyRoybalCharlie JPrivateDied of WoundsCarbon Co
ArmyRuhlmanGomer SPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyRuleyArthur MMaster SergeantDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyRupeMaurice JCorporalDied Outside BattleConverse Co
ArmyRuseellDoyle LCaptainBody UnrecoveredConverse Co
ArmyRushinAlexanderPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionHot Springs Co
ArmyRussellEverard ETechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmySaariJohn WTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmySailerGeorge FSergeantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmySainsGeorge WPrivateDied Outside BattleSweetwater Co
ArmySalisburyIrving CSecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredAlbany Co
ArmySalisburyCharles FStaff SergeantKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmySanchezBlasPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmySandercockT G SergeantBody UnrecoveredGoshen Co
USMCRSarchetCalvin VerneCorporalLaramie
ArmySauterWarren EMajorDied of WoundsNatrona Co
USNRSavageJack EllsworthChief Motor Machinist's MateCasper
ArmySayerAlbert LPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmySchefferEdgar AStaff SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmySchererOscar NSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmySchillingWilliamPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionConverse Co
USNSchmidtHermanGunner's Mate 3cSheridan
ArmySchryerRussel PTechnical SergeantDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
ArmySchulteRobert JFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmySchultzHoward LCorporalDied of WoundsSweetwater Co
ArmySchuttFlorn WTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionNiobrara Co
ArmySchwartzkopfR ESergeantKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmySchweichartF HPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionWashakie Co
ArmyScottRobert MPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyScottEllis EPrivateDied Outside BattlePark Co
USNScottHarol ArieCoxswainCheyenne
USNRScottGlendon LamarTorpedoman's Mate 3cGreybull
ArmySeeFrancis MTechnician Fourth GradeDied Outside BattleGoshen Co
ArmySeikeTollPrivateKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmySellEugene WSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleFremont Co
ArmySelvageJamesStaff SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyShaulDonald ATechnical SergeantDied Outside BattlePlatte Co
ArmyShawLamond CStaff SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmySheehanWilliam DPrivateKilled In ActionWeston Co
ArmySheldenHarold RPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionConverse Co
ArmyShortLeonard ASergeantDied Outside BattleHot Springs Co
ArmySiegelArnold EPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmySilvaUvijildoPrivate First ClassDied of WoundsSweetwater Co
ArmySimonsonDonald WSecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredAlbany Co
ArmySimpsonNewton HSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmySimpsonJack MPrivateKilled In ActionPlatte Co
USMCSirayLeroy MattPrivateRawlins
USMCSkinnerBoyd FranklinSergeantPinedale
ArmySlagleRobert ESecond LieutenantKilled In ActionFremont Co
USMCRSlagleEverett BSergeantNew Castle
ArmySlaughterRussell CPrivateDied Outside BattleConverse Co
ArmySlinkardTruman ATechnician Fourth GradeKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmySmartWilliam LPrivateKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmySmeeRobert WPrivateKilled In ActionJohnson Co
ArmySmithDavid MStaff SergeantDied Outside BattleUinta Co
USMCRSmithFloyd EPrivateRed Lodge
ArmySommersOrvalPrivateDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmySpauldingJack AFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmySpensCharles WPrivateKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmySpillaneMichael PStaff SergeantBody UnrecoveredNatrona Co
ArmySpringsteenGordon LTechnical SergeantKilled In ActionNatrona Co
USNRSquiresWayne PrestonEnsignDouglas
USNSt. JohnJames WesleySeaman 1cMills
ArmyStackJames WCorporalKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyStaleyLee PTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyStambaughHarold APrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyStambaughLeo EStaff SergeantKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyStanisheffPete TPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyStantonCornell J JrPrivateDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
USNSteeleCharles AronShip's Cook 2cCheyenne
USNSteinWalter ClaudSeaman 1cCheyenne
USNRSteinbrinkEarl ZundalFireman 1cLovell
USNRStetzFrank CharlesSeaman 1cSheridan
ArmyStevensAlbert EPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleBig Horn Co
ArmyStevensRichard DPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyStevensonHarry EStaff SergeantDied Outside BattleLincoln Co
ArmyStevensonJoseph FFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredUinta Co
ArmyStillJames OPrivateKilled In ActionJohnson Co
ArmyStitzelWalter JPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyStockstillRaymond FPrivateKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USMCRStoddardRobert E.2d LieutenantCheyenne
ArmyStoegerCleo RPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyStopherEarl JrStaff SergeantDied Outside BattleCampbell Co
ArmyStopkaJohn PLieutenant ColonelKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyStoutCalvin RStaff SergeantKilled In ActionWashakie Co
USMCStoutRobert FranklinMajorFort Laramie
ArmyStreeterWilliam HPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USNRStrockStanley FaySeaman 1cRock Springs
ArmyStroutsArthur JTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionAlbany Co
USNStuderMichael JohnBoatswain's Mate 1cCasper
ArmyStudeyDareld APrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
ArmySumnerCurtis AStaff SergeantKilled In ActionHot Springs Co
ArmySuresonJames AFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredAlbany Co
ArmySutherlandAllen JStaff SergeantKilled In ActionCampbell Co
ArmySwickhamerRay EPrivateDied Outside BattleConverse Co
ArmySylerRaymus MTechnician Fifth GradeBody UnrecoveredAlbany Co
ArmyTaitAlbertPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyTaketaWilliam HPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattlePark Co
ArmyTallmanRobert GCorporalDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyTanahashiKeith BSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyTaylorAlexanderSergeantDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyTaylorCharles EPrivateKilled In ActionJohnson Co
USNTerryJack AllenSeaman 2cLander
ArmyThackerJack CPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyTheisenRaymond GSergeantKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyTheroCharles EPrivateDied Outside BattleAlbany Co
ArmyTheroKarl EPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyThiemanLloyd WSergeantKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyThomasWilliam LTechnical SergeantDied of WoundsPark Co
ArmyThomasVern WPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyThompsonKenneth LFirst LieutenantDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyThompsonJames WSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyThompsonLloydSecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredPlatte Co
ArmyThompsonWeldon GPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
USNThomsonJohn ScottAviation Radioman 3cWorland
ArmyThornburgKenneth KPrivateKilled In ActionWeston Co
USMCRThornockRoss LavoyPrivate First ClassCokeville
ArmyThrockmortonW ETechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionPlatte Co
ArmyTippettsLeroy TSergeantDied Outside BattleBig Horn Co
ArmyToddRoy AMaster SergeantDied Outside BattleHot Springs Co
ArmyTooleJohn RSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyTrachtaEldredSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyTrippJerry EPrivateKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyTrosperWilliamPrivateDied of WoundsFremont Co
ArmyTrujilloPaul PSergeantMissingLaramie Co
ArmyTurkAdolphPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleLincoln Co
ArmyTurnerRobert CSergeantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
USNRTurnerFloyd EEnsignDouglas
ArmyTwifordJack SSergeantDied Outside BattlePlatte Co
ArmyValdezJospeh LPrivateDied Outside BattleFremont Co
USNValhuskyArther JohnAviation Machinist's Mate 2cHudson
ArmyVan WaningIrwin HPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionAlbany Co
ArmyVanderhoffDean GFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionPark Co
ArmyVannoyJohn AStaff SergeantKilled In ActionWashakie Co
ArmyVerondaArthur JPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
USMCVeseyKenneth L.PrivateCasper
USMCRVinsonRaymond EPlatoon SergeantLander
ArmyVoecksArthur APrivate First ClassKilled In ActionWyoming at Large
ArmyVoightCarl VSecond LieutenantKilled In ActionPlatte Co
ArmyVondraEldon ESecond LieutenantBody UnrecoveredNatrona Co
ArmyWaddaLeePrivateDied Outside BattleFremont Co
ArmyWaddellRoy EPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattlePark Co
ArmyWagnerRobert TPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionSheridan Co
ArmyWagonLavernePrivate First ClassKilled In ActionFremont Co
ArmyWalkerRobert BSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
USNWalkerHarry OrvilleCoxswainSheridan
USNRWalkerHarry EdwardElectrician's Mate 2cRawlins
USNWallensteinRichard HenrySeaman 1cRawlins
ArmyWannamakerCharlesSergeantDied of WoundsLaramie Co
ArmyWardleCharles ASecond LieutenantKilled In ActionUinta Co
ArmyWarfieldFrank ETechnician Fifth GradeDied Outside BattleSheridan Co
ArmyWarrenRobert DPrivate First ClassDied of WoundsLaramie Co
ArmyWatsonHarold EMaster SergeantDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
USNRWattSamuel VanceYeoman 1cRiverton
USNRWayKenneth KarlSeaman 1cCody
USNWeaverWilliam DavidWatertender 2cUpton
USMCRWebbJim F.Private First ClassHartville
ArmyWeberBenjamin TPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyWeceleHenryStaff SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
USMCRWehrliWilliam B2d LieutenantCasper
ArmyWellsRalph HPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyWendlingHarold ECaptainDied of InjuriesLaramie Co
ArmyWenzRalph SStaff SergeantDied Outside BattleSublette Co
USNWerbelowLouis CarlYeoman 2cEmblem
ArmyWernerJoseph WPrivate First ClassDied of WoundsAlbany Co
ArmyWestSylvan RPrivateKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyWheelerCharles RCaptainKilled In ActionWyoming at Large
ArmyWhiteThomas WTechnical SergeantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyWhiteWilliam DPrivateKilled In ActionCrook Co
USNWhiteheadWallace AlbertStorekeeper 2cKemmerer
ArmyWhitmanRobert GPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyWhitmanWilliam TCorporalDied Outside BattleWeston Co
ArmyWickWilliam EPrivate First ClassDied Outside BattleCarbon Co
ArmyWiggamBilly MPrivateKilled In ActionPlatte Co
USNRWilcoxWalterFireman 2cRock Springs
ArmyWileyRoy RPrivateKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyWilkinsCarlton PAviation CadetDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
ArmyWilliamsEarle LFirst LieutenantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyWilliamsLyle LSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
USNRWilliamsWilliam KimmelRadioman 3cBanner
ArmyWillisRobert WPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionNatrona Co
ArmyWilsonDave FSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattleLaramie Co
ArmyWilsonRollin N JrSecond LieutenantDied Outside BattlePark Co
ArmyWilsonFrancis EFirst LieutenantBody UnrecoveredPlatte Co
ArmyWilsonJames DPrivateKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
ArmyWinninghamRaymond NStaff SergeantKilled In ActionCarbon Co
ArmyWinzenriedAlbert SPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionBig Horn Co
ArmyWittWilliam APrivate First ClassKilled In ActionConverse Co
ArmyWittDonald GCorporalDied Outside BattleNatrona Co
ArmyWittKeith BPrivateKilled In ActionPlatte Co
USNRWolffThomas AnthonySeaman 2cGillette
ArmyWolfsonHenryPrivateDied Outside BattleGoshen Co
USNWolneyGeorge JamesCoxswainMonarch
USMCRWoodJack SPrivate First ClassRock Springs
ArmyWoodsonLewis FPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionGoshen Co
ArmyWrightCharles EPrivate First ClassKilled In ActionConverse Co
ArmyWrightRollin ESergeantKilled In ActionHot Springs Co
ArmyWritesAnthony PFirst SergeantKilled In ActionLaramie Co
ArmyWrobleJames JTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionNatrona Co
USMCRYokomElmore FSergeantGillette
USMCRYoungSamuel ASergeantCasper
ArmyZancanellaFred JTechnician Fifth GradeKilled In ActionSweetwater Co
USMCRZulevicFrank VPrivate First ClassQuealy