Honoring Wyoming's Fallen Heroes of

The Korean War

The Korean War, often called “The Forgotten War,” lasted from 1950 to 1953 and was a significant conflict during the early Cold War period. The war began when North Korean forces, backed by the Soviet Union and China, invaded South Korea, prompting the United States and other United Nations member countries to come to South Korea’s aid. The U.S. involvement, following the attack on South Korea, was a decisive action against the spread of communism in Asia. American soldiers fought in a land unfamiliar to many, facing rugged terrain and extreme weather conditions. The battles, including the Inchon landing and the Chosin Reservoir campaign, were marked by intense combat and strategic challenges. Despite facing numerous hardships, American troops fought with valor and determination, alongside their South Korean and United Nations allies. Their sacrifices were crucial in stemming the tide of communism and maintaining the independence of South Korea.

The plaque in Washington, DC. commemorates the sacrifice of the soldiers of the Korean War with the words, “Our nation honors her sons and daughters who answered the call to defend a country they never knew and a people they never met.”

Wyoming’s contribution to the Korean War echoed its commitment to global peace and security. Soldiers from Wyoming joined the ranks of those fighting on the Korean Peninsula, demonstrating their courage and resilience in the face of a formidable enemy. They served in various capacities, from front-line infantry to support roles, playing an essential part in the overall war effort. Back home, the people of Wyoming supported the war effort through community initiatives, fundraisers, and by providing moral support to their troops overseas. The Korean War, though often overshadowed by other conflicts, remains a significant part of Wyoming’s military history, reflecting the state’s enduring dedication to defending freedom and supporting international efforts for peace and stability.


We have records of 59 Wyomingites who perished in the war, but our records are incomplete. We hope to contribute to our database as we acquire new information.

If you have information on Wyoming’s contribution to this war that you would like to share, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

BranchLast NameFirst NameHometown
ArmyAndersonAllenSheridan Co
USMCDuramAnthony DomingoPowell
PereaCamerinoAlbany Co
LunbeckCharles E.Sublette Co
RobbCharles E.Campbell Co
TiltonClark M.Sheridan Co
ArmyBakerClifford E.Big Horn Co
AFPrattClifford F.Cheyenne
McLaughlinClintonUinta Co
DavisCourtenay C.Laramie Co
UrbanskiDarold D.Park Co
KuiperDavid N.Sheridan Co
KirtleyDemaretJohnson Co
HillDonald G.Fremont Co
DeweesDonald L.Albany Co
LarsonEdgar J.Fremont Co
TonerEdward E.Sweetwater Co
HarperEdward W.Sheridan Co
WellsElmer L.Crook Co
USMCTaylorErvin JohnLaramie
GarciaFred N.Washakie Co
WadsworthFreemanLaramie Co
HittnerGeroge B.Carbon Co
RusthHelmar O.Park Co
AFClayJames E.Laramie
JonesJames L.Park Co
AFSwansonJohn A.Torrington
AFHokeJohn DavidCheyenne
AFHornJohn LuciusCheyenne
GreenJohn N.Sweetwater Co
GarciaJoseph G.Carbon Co
JohnsonKenneth C.Fremont Co
FinlaysonKennethFremont Co
BarnhillKenneth R.Platte Co
AFWolfLeland HenryCheyenne
ClarkLeonard W.Sweetwater Co
RogersLloyd G.Laramie Co
USMCBuddMalcolm LloydBig Piney
ThompsonMaynard M.Washakie Co
BaxterNeil B.Sheridan Co
VigilPablo J.Sweetwater Co
USMCDianaPaul R.Newcastle
USMCNearyPhilip PatrickLance Creek
CowdinRay P.Carbon Co
LiebRaymond J.Platte Co
FriedlundRichardWashakie Co
FinchRobert A.Fremont Co
HessenflowRobertNatrona Co
LewisRobert I. Sr.Park Co
RoszekRobert L.Carbon Co
JaramilloRoselioCampbell Co
USMCSmithRussell EverettBosler
WolfeSamuel L.Big Horn Co
BarnesTed U.Goshen Co
MitchelsonThomasSweetwater Co
HarrisThomas R.Sweetwater Co
SonnamakerWilliamSheridan Co