Honoring Wyoming's Fallen Heroes of

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War, a protracted and controversial conflict that lasted from the late 1950s until 1975, was a defining moment of the Cold War era. The United States, deeply entrenched in the battle against the spread of communism, entered the war in full force following the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964. American troops were sent to aid South Vietnam in its fight against the communist North Vietnam and the Viet Cong guerillas. The war was marked by its grueling guerrilla warfare, challenging jungle terrain, and complex political dynamics. American soldiers, many of them young draftees, faced not only a tenacious enemy but also the challenges of fighting in an unfamiliar and often hostile environment. They showed remarkable bravery and endurance in battles such as the Tet Offensive and the siege of Khe Sanh. Despite the war’s unpopularity at home and the challenging conditions abroad, these soldiers exemplified dedication and sacrifice in a conflict that remains deeply etched in America’s memory.

Wyoming’s involvement in the Vietnam War mirrored its steadfast commitment to national and global security. Many young men from Wyoming were drafted or volunteered for service, joining the fight in Southeast Asia. They served in various capacities, from infantry to pilots, navigators, and support staff, showing their resilience and bravery under often harrowing conditions. The state’s communities provided strong support for their soldiers, sending care packages, letters, and maintaining morale through community support initiatives. This war, with its complex legacy, remains a poignant chapter in Wyoming’s history, symbolizing the state’s unwavering commitment to its principles and the sacrifices of its people in times of international conflict.

Of the Wyomingites who went to fight in Vietnam, 119 did not return.

If you have information on Wyoming’s contribution to this war that you would like to share, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

BranchLast NameFirst NameHometownDate of Death
USMCStumppAlma J.Afton1965
ArmyHollandCarlton J.Casper1965
USMCLucasDavid GRawlins1965
ArmyTaylorErnest EKaycee1965
USMCGroveRobert W.Casper1965
USMCHansenBarry A.Evanston1966
USAFBlacknerCraig S.Lyman1966
ArmyPatrickDouglas T.Casper1966
ArmyBartzGary E.Cody1966
ArmyBushGilbert B.Laramie1966
ArmyBarnesJames F.Laramie1966
ArmyMayLeonard D.Medicine Bow1966
USMCBeckMichael R.Cheyenne1966
NavyRobinsonPhilip O.Sheridan1966
NavyGuthrieRobert F.Cheyenne1966
ArmyShuckRobert L.Newcastle1966
ArmyDellosSamuel L.Worland1966
USMCMossWeldon D.Ethete1966
USAFKrogmanAlva R.Worland1967
USAFJensenBruce A.Green River1967
USMCAndoCurtis T.Powell1967
USMCLairdDaniel R.Wheatland1967
ArmySmithDennis W.Basin1967
USMCRogersDouglas E.Green River1967
ArmyHarrisonGeorge R.Clearmont1967
ArmyGibsonHarold L.Greybull1967
ArmyByersJerry D.Casper1967
USAFHartJoseph L.Afton1967
ArmyBrownKenneth L.Sheridan1967
AmryWarnockLarry L.Buffalo1967
USMCTorrezLawrence D.Cheyenne1967
ArmyClayburnMerrell J.Jackson1967
USMCMooreNorman L.Riverton1967
ArmyPatinoPablo Powell1967
ArmyMontanezPedro R.Lovell1967
ArmyBensonRaymond E.Glendo1967
USMCRogersRobert R.Gillette1967
ArmyLarsonTerrance H.Cody1967
ArmySaundersTimothy J.Jackson1967
USMCWashutWalter Jr.Sheridan1967
USMCEsslingerWilliam B.Cheyenne1967
ArmyGravesWilliam B.Douglas1967
ArmyFalerAllen L.Riverton1968
ArmyEvansBennett E.Green River1968
NavyRoyCharles S.Rock Springs1968
ArmyRebergCharles W.Casper1968
ArmyJohnsonDale W.Auburn1968
USMCKingDennis D.Green River1968
ArmyFordDonald L.Sheridan1968
ArmyLawtonEdward L.Thermopolis1968
ArmyMcNallyEdward Jr.Cheyenne1968
ArmyBraunEdward R.Cheyenne1968
ArmyLauckElmer D.Torrington1968
USMCAndersonElton G.Lovell1968
USMCDarlingFrank M.Cheyenne1968
ArmyFoxGary D.Sheridan1968
ArmyMaulHenry E.Worland1968
USMCPantierJames E.Laramie1968
ArmyPadillaJoseph A.Cheyenne1968
ArmyKingKenneth W.Sheridan1968
ArmyLantosLeslie J.Ten Sleep1968
NavyCooleyOrville D.Range1968
ArmyEndicottRichard L.Casper1968
ArmyMartinRichard M.Encampment1968
ArmyCazinRichard P.Evanston1968
ArmyBrownRichard S.Laramie1968
ArmyBarnesRobert E.Casper1968
NavyStarkStephen W.Rock Springs1968
ArmyFetzerTerry L.Cody1968
ArmyNixVernon W. III.Casper1968
ArmyHandyWalter E.Casper1968
USMCSeldersWilliam D.Cody1968
ArmyMcAteeWilliam J.Hanna1968
ArmyWaymanAlbert O. Jr.Evanston1969
USMCBustosCandelario P.Rock Springs1969
ArmyMarringtonCraig T.Gillette1969
ArmyFarrisDennis B.Cheyenne1969
ArmyWartchowDennis R.Jackson1969
ArmySchroederDonald B.Clearmont1969
ArmySteeleEdward B.Douglas1969
USMCBartonJames L.Greybull1969
ArmyAldrichJohn W.Sheridan1969
ArmyKoberlinJohn W. IICheyenne1969
ArmyWalkerJoseph B.Lovell1969
NavyOwensLarry R.Lusk1969
ArmyCardenasLeroy R.Casper1969
ArmyMcCabeLesterFort Laramie1969
USMCDykesLonnie A.Buffalo1969
ArmySweeneyRichard J.Casper1969
ArmyPowersRichard P.Powell1969
ArmyKastnerRichard T.Casper1969
ArmyRomeroRobert E.Rock Springs1969
ArmyMaurerRobert F.Green River1969
ArmyLandesVictor R.Cowley1969
ArmyGarstWalis W.Weston1969
ArmyWilsonWilliam M.Boulder1969
ArmyChippDonald W. Jr.Rock Springs1970
USMCHaggertyEdward C.Riverton1970
ArmyBallandErnest C.Cheyenne1970
ArmyGreenJoe W.Buffalo1970
ArmyCrichtonRobert G.Burlington1970
ArmyScottRoger L.Powell1970
ArmyStewartRonald R.Glenrock1970
ArmySnyderRoy J.Fort Washakie1970
ArmyMcCormickWilliam T.Thermopolis1970
ArmySlagowskiBenjamin E.Evanston1971
ArmyMcCartyEarl E.Meeteetse1971
ArmyMiltnovichEmil M.Rock Springs1971
ArmyFuquaGary J.Cody1971
ArmyCukaleJohn A. Jr.Rock Springs1971
ArmyGlasspooleRandall J.Riverton1971
ArmyTaborRichard E.Cheyenne1971
ArmyMorganflashRobert L.Moorcroft1971
ArmySlocumStephen E.Thermopolis1971
ArmySkilesThomas W.Buffalo1971
USAFCresseyDennis C.Cheyenne1972
ArmyCoenHarry B.Riverton1972
USAFEvertLawrence G.Cody1972