With Women’s Rights, Wyoming Giveth and it Taketh Away…

In a state where women first won the right to vote, their rights to freedom from sexual and political victimization are being lost

Wyoming has been a state of notable firsts for women; however, the new territory being blazed at the University of Wyoming is one that will set women and girls within our state back by surrendering certain rights and freedoms into the hands of a small group of men who see their own rights as more important.

Artemis Langford is one of these men. As someone well-known as a Democrat political activist to those working around the Wyoming Capitol, Langford took his activism into an all-female house at UW where he pledged as the first biological male/transgender female member and resident of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority in September of 2022.

After being approved, through a vote that raised concerns of validity and intimidation by some sorority members, Langford was then given “a special carve-out” to broadcast his activism in the campus newspaper in spite of the sorority’s usual stance barring media interviews. At the same time, other voices within the sorority were not granted an equal opportunity to address their concerns to the media.

Unwilling Activists

The women of Kappa Kappa Gamma likely had no intention of making a political statement or becoming social pariahs, yet anyone who didn’t embrace their newest sorority “sister” became a target of scorn and labeled as unkind and transphobic. Fear of retribution kept many of them silent, but after becoming unwilling witnesses to, or victims of, Langford’s disturbing sexual behavior, seven women decided to push back and filed a lawsuit against their sorority in March.

In a move causing further distress, U.S. District Court Judge Alan B. Johnson denied the women’s requests to remain anonymous and ordered them reveal their names. Six women chose to reveal their names. One dropped out of the lawsuit. Additional women who are witnesses in the complaint have also been forced to be named.

While Langford had willingly courted notoriety from various media sources, these young women only desired to attend classes and other collegiate activities while protecting themselves and minimizing disruption from campus activists. They did not voluntarily enlist in this battle pitting the rights of biological women against those who would usurp their right to be safe from sexual victimization in their own dwelling. Yet they were drafted and thrust into the spotlight, defending what should be common sense.

A Woke Wake-Up Call

In the legislative session that has just passed, several bills were not given the serious attention they deserve, with some law makers claiming that these problems were not Wyoming’s problems. Only weeks later we are facing these very issues in the Kappa Kappa Gamma lawsuit, as well as a recently filed Rock Springs lawsuit that was also precipitated by transgenderism superseding the rights of others.

We at Wyoming Family Alliance applaud these brave young women for showing the strength that women in Wyoming have historically been known for, and we pray that they continue to endure this trial with fortitude now that their names and faces have been published for public scrutiny. Sadly, we realize that they are just the first of many to be forced down this road if justice is not served and if our state doesn’t refuse to become silent advocates of the woke insanity that has invaded the culture of many other states.

Stand Against Woke in Wyoming

At Wyoming Family Alliance, we are actively working to stand up for the rights of women and families through family policy in the Wyoming Legislature, connecting families to legal expertise, and helping parents stand up to school districts who step between them and their children.

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