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5 Effective Points to Send the Governor

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1. The American Library Association (ALA) has become a Marxist-leaning organization and a leading voice for progressive Marxist principles. The current President is a self-avowed Marxist whose public history of pro-LGBTQ+ activism includes arguing for “Queering the Catalog” of American libraries.

2.The ALA exercises tremendous influence on the library profession, the professionals within it, and the curation of books in nearly all American libraries, including Wyoming. They have used this influence to push sexual content into the hands of children in public and school libraries. 


3. The ALA wields incredible political and legal power.
In recent decades, virtually every legal action concerning access to library materials has been provided with financial and legal support from the ALA. The ALA even maintains a permanent lobby in Washington D.C. to influence or discourage legislation that might affect library collections.


4. Contrary to claims of ALA proponents, we are not advocating for far-reaching bans that would violate the freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press we deeply revere. Rather, we are arguing for careful curation of children’s books, selecting them according to locally driven Wyoming standards.


5. The ALA is waging a continuous public relations campaign of misinformation about banned books. They portray any parent concerned about what their child is reading as bigoted, ignorant, and homophobic. This shuts down discussion on an issue that parents have a right to speak on.



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How the ALA Wields Influence in Wyoming:

  1. The ALA awards millions of dollars in annual grants for training and programs to libraries across the country–including in Wyoming.
  2. The ALA has developed the industry standard practices for book selection and collection organization. These standards have gradually been tweaked to allow introduction of questionable material into library collections and keep them there.
  3. Many school boards, school libraries, and public libraries in Wyoming look to the ALA as the experts on all library matters, relying on its recommended book lists as a guide for what to curate each year. These same “experts” are cited when parents and concerned citizens object to over-sexualized content being available to children in their libraries– they are aggressively told they are discounting the recommendation of the well-credentialed “experts.”
  4. Most of the literary awards given to books– a criteria often used in determining the suitability of a book for inclusion in a library collection– are controlled by the ALA, either directly or through a subsidiary or allied organization. The ALA has used these awards to promote books that support or advance their preferred, Marxist agenda. This is especially true for childrens’ and youth books.
  5. The ALA uses peer and professional pressure to coerce librarians into supporting and endorsing their agenda, often without those librarians being aware of the Marxist underpinnings of that agenda.

A Snapshot of the ALA's Rainbow Book List

Annually, the ALA puts out a “Rainbow Book List” to recommend books promoting a transgender lifestyle to kids from birth through high school. This is a brief overview of the four books mentioned in the Wyoming Family Alliance video posted above.

For Preschoolers: “Bye Bye, Binary” features an agenda-driven baby “ready to smash gender norms” refusing to identify as either a boy or a girl.

For Grade Schoolers: “Sex is a Funny Word” features an illustration of an eight-year-old girl masturbating, and is in the children’s section of 11 Wyoming libraries.

For Middle Schoolers: “You Know, Sex” is self-described as a “comprehensive ‘graphic’ guide for teens on nearly everything they need to know about sex.” Encouraging tweens to watch pornography and experiment with different sexualities, this book can be found in the teen section of three Wyoming public libraries.

For Teens: “Gender Queer,” is available in the teen and young adult sections of 11 Wyoming libraries, containing frequent nudity and very graphic sex scenes.

Additional Things to Know:

  • While the far left loves to talk about creating “safe spaces,” by filling children’s libraries with LGBTQ instruction books, they have eliminated a safe space for parents to bring their children. Many parents aren’t comfortable bringing their children to a library where books featuring a sexual agenda are accessible among the other children’s books.


  • When it comes to movies or video games, we understand that some material is only appropriate for adults. Children’s books ought to be treated the same way.


  • Giving inappropriate books to children behind their parents’ backs is one way to achieve the Marxist aim of destroying families. Why are Wyoming libraries taking orders from a group that advocates for this?


  • Obscene books do not belong in the children’s section, and any reasonable person can tell that the pictures and sexual descriptions in these books are obscene.


  • Parents have a right to weigh-in on what their children are reading in school. It isn’t right for schools to push age-inappropriate content in front of children, and it isn’t right for them to hide this from parents.


  • It’s time for Wyoming to decide what books belong in our libraries. This shouldn’t be up to some national group out-of-state; it should be up to Wyoming Citizens.


  • The ALA is a biased organization that has a massive influence on which books go into local and school libraries. Librarians depend on recommendations from groups like the ALA to stock their shelves.

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