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Ask your Representatives to Vote YES on the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act

The Wyoming "Fairness in Women's Sports Act" seeks to protect girls and women's sports.

Any admittance of male athletes onto an exclusively-female team is a threat to girls who work hard to be able to participate. Wyoming needs to follow in the footsteps of states like Arizona, Kentucky, and Oklahoma, who recently signed into law legislation to preserve the integrity of women’s sports.

When boys compete in girls’ sports, the competition can be over before it begins.

All this comes amidst the news of the University of Pennsylvania swimmer William Thomas, who ranked #462 on the men's swim team, changed his name to “Lia” three years later, joined the women's team, and has been demolishing women's swim records ever since. Last year in Akron, Ohio, he beat the fastest female swimmer by 38 seconds—2 full laps!

Allowing males in female sports means the elimination of female athletic opportunities.

The simple truth cannot be avoided: Every time a biological male takes a spot on a women's team, a female athlete loses. That's not fair. It also should not be legal.


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Inherent physiological differences between men and women result in athletic advantages for males.*

Similarly gifted and trained males have physical advantages over females—from greater height and weight and larger, longer, and stronger bones to larger muscles and higher rates of metabolizing and releasing energy. These innate physiological traits result in greater muscle strength; stronger throwing, hitting, and kicking; higher jumping; and faster running speeds for males, all of which create an athletic edge over female athletes.

Studies show that the physical differences between the two genders consistently give males a biological advantage over similarly gifted females.

Despite greater body weight, males have a roughly 15-20% jumping advantage over women. When examining the vertical jump needed in volleyball, one study found that on average male players jumped 50% higher during an “attack” at the net than female players.

In one year, 275 high school boys ran faster times than the lifetime best of World Champion sprinter Allyson Felix.

These advantages exist even before puberty. In a European study, the boys outperformed girls at every age in measures of handgrip strength, long standing jump, 200-meter shuttle run, and predicted VO2 max. VO2 max refers to maximal oxygen consumption, which accounts for 30-40% of success in endurance sports.

Testosterone suppression does not undo these advantages. A 2019 Swedish study showed that males generally maintained or even increased in strength after a year of testosterone suppression.

Multiple studies around the world demonstrate the physical advantages males enjoy in athletic competition. These studies challenge the misconceptions that male physical advantages only exist after puberty and can be eliminated by testosterone suppression.

*See Study on Male Physical Advantages over Females in Athletics

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Title IX is a federal law that ensures that no one can be denied equal access to educational opportunities on the basis of sex.

Historically, Title IX has been used to allow women to finally compete on a level playing field against other women, with similar opportunities to men. Federal Courts repeatedly affirmed that women ought to have separate athletic opportunities.

“Because of innate physiological differences, boys and girls are not similarly situated as they enter athletic competition.” – *Petrie v. Ill. High School Assn, Ill. Appellate Ct.

Now, some on the Left want to use Title IX as a justification to let biological men steal those opportunities.

Allowing males in female sports is a slap in the face to the very purpose of Title IX: providing equal opportunity for biological women.

When boys compete in female sports, girls lose hard-fought scholarships, competition opportunities, and records, medals, and other forms of public recognition.

Women’s sports is a hallmark Title IX achievement. When males compete in women’s sports, that threatens achievement opportunities for Wyoming girls and women.

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